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Tunnel FAQ

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Frequently asked Questions regarding the tunnelservice.

Q: Do you log IPs who connects to the tunnel, and/or where the users connects.
A: We do not log anything.

Q: Do you filter/firewall anything ?
A: No, we do not filter/firewall anything. It's up to to user to secure his/her computer(s).

Q: Can i get package 3/4 cheaper if i only take one IP.
A: No, the cost isn't the IPs, it's the bandwidth.

Q: If i have several IPs (package #2 - 4), can i connect from several locations/computers at the same time ?
A: No, each package is for one tunnel. If you want to connect from several locations, you need one package per location.
If you have several computers in the same location you can setup internal routing and let the other computers use the tunnel computer as a gateway.

Q: Is the speed listed in the packages per IP or for the whole package ?
A: The speed is for the tunnel, the IPs are part of the tunnel.

Q: What nameserver should i use when using the tunnel ?
A: You can use ours,

Q: I ordered a tunnel, after receiving the tunnel i recevied two invoices, but i only ordered 1 tunnel.
A: Since we apply prepayment in advance, the first month you get two invoices. If you pay quarterly, halfyear and yearly this isn't a problem.

Q: The invoice states that the period is for april, but i ordered and received the service at the 20:th april, why do i have to pay for a whole month ?
A: The invoicing period starts from when you receive the service and 1 month forward, so the invoice is for 20:th april and 1 month ahead (i.e 19:the may).
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